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My current work is a series of close up painted portraits, there look depicting glimpses into sensual experiences.  The subjects portray intensified brief moments of pleasure, cheap typically daily acts that sometimes go unnoticed. By use of color and scale, the focus is on the emotional impact of a split second.

The inspiration for my body of work is derived form times that I have become intensely aware of uncontrived, momentary bliss.  The context of such times are fundamental experiences such as, connecting with another person, tasting food, being in nature, or lucidity in the ambiguous moments between sleep and wakefulness.  Through my attentiveness toward these sensations, my feelings have become even more acute.  However, because of their immediacy, the sensation is fleeting, resulting in a sense of sadness as well.  To express this dualistic tension, components of my color palette are intentionally lurid, such as the strange yellow-green that is sometimes juxtaposed to the soft analogous salmon and rose tones.  The colors reflect a heightened sense and yet, are folded into quietude.  A large square format, with the subjects cropped tightly into the picture plane, hints at voyeurism. By painting these single moments, they are validated.

This is a series of narrative pieces regarding single points in time that function as a whole experience. Such Occurrences are not mysterious, but are audible and genuine. I paint moments of impermanence to emphasize how potent an instant can be.

I was born and raised in the Denver area, and am a single mother of two children. I co-own, and teach painting classes at Rogue Arts Urban Studio.

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