Sonia is a Colorado native, no rx and has affinities for dogs, glitter, drag queens, and pizza. She frequently draws inspiration from the female form, and her work plays on themes such as gender, physical identity, self-agency, temporal preservation, and nostalgia. Though her educational background is in photography, she experiments with several mediums at once, usually within multi-layered resin collages. She is also an avid crafter and lover of fashion, using textiles (sometimes from her own closet), yarn, paper, discarded or abandoned objects, and anything else that evokes a sense of history to challenge the divide between the fine art world and the craft world.

She received her BFA in 2012 from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Photography and Art History. Over the years, she has exhibited in many settings across Denver, from galleries to tattoo shops, and was also selected for a juried show at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts in Santa Fe, NM. She is a currently represented by Next Gallery in the Navajo Street Art District and regularly has pieces hanging there.  Her work has been featured in 1/1 Magazine and she resides in the Five-Points neighborhood. Other projects include teaching her dogs, Kurt Russell and Zammy Davis Jr., to high five on command.

New works

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Older works

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