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Originally, it was the history behind the ancient art of ceramics that led me to pursue a deep understanding of the medium…the pure antiquity of a technique that has remained over generations, in every corner of the globe. And as I began to have a relationship with clay, only then did I discover the endless possibilities that it holds. I find myself most attracted to the vessel; an object to deliver sustenance to it’s user; an object that creates interaction and experience. Through that interaction, stories begin to be told. History unfolds. Tradition reveals itself. And this is where I thrive. My focus became the desire to seek the marriage of this ancient art with modern technology. Through the exploration of digital media, I remain dedicated to the story and experience. As a storyboard communicates a message, so does my work. Joining the digital realm with age-old techniques creates a paradigm where two completely different aspects join together in a mission to invoke feeling, thoughtfulness and reflection and thus an  experience beyond the expected function of a piece.



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An exciting Denver co-op that accepts new members on a monthly basis. This co-op is driven and operated by all the artists members. We are all strong and committed artists, that continually push all the artists in this co-op to move in new directions and participate as a cohesive group at all times.

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