There are many types of landscapes: emotional, psychological, geographical, and physical. I create collage work from found paper along with my own imagery to construct these landscapes. I use encaustic wax, one of the oldest art practices, as a collage medium. I’m inspired by many contemporary and historic artists and movements, including the Mail Art Movement. My work often includes fragments of maps, which I’ve always been drawn to- the idea of mapping is beautiful to me. Orienting, grounding, from incredibly detailed to crude and abstract, guiding.

I was born in Breckenridge, Minnesota in 1989. The landscape was very flat. In 2008, I drove across the country with a minivan full of my possessions to Seattle, Washington to attend Cornish College of the Arts, where I completed the first year of my undergraduate study of Fine Art with emphasis in photography. In 2010, I drove back across the country the opposite direction to finish my undergraduate work at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) in Denver, CO. It was a long, lonely drive. In 2013, I completed my undergraduate work, earning a BFA summa cum laudewith emphasis in photography and video from RMCAD.


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An exciting Denver co-op that accepts new members on a monthly basis. This co-op is driven and operated by all the artists members. We are all strong and committed artists, that continually push all the artists in this co-op to move in new directions and participate as a cohesive group at all times.

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6851 W.Colfax Ave, Unit B
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Hours: Friday 6-10 pm, Saturday & Sunday Noon-5 pm

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We are a non profit artist owned gallery, donations are greatly appreciated

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