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“We don’t see things as they are, stuff we see as we are.” Anais Nin

I am an idealist who strives to give meaning and wholeness
 to people’s lives through teaching art. And, creating art helps me to develop the language to say what I feel. Knowing that I learn best by doing, by creating, by feeling, I have always been an advocate for those with tactical and emotional intelligence. Tactile experiences and recognition of connections are threads seen through my artwork.

When I began my graduate work, I gained new insights and a revived inquiry addressing the importance of touch in human experience, the connection between the intellect and the act of creation, between intelligence and emotion, between the conception and the tangible.

Working with clay, I recognized, as many potters do, the sacred feeling of being centered or grounded when creating a form. But, what would happen when I opened space within other forms? Would they allow the energy of being centered to flow or would they create a block, a feeling of being repelled? I found that upon creating an empty space, one could fill it, or let it exist as emptiness. It became a place of possibility—though ethereal—a space filled with meaning. I have carried over this thematic paradox of “space” from clay to the concept of surface. And here, the symbolic space opens and creates a connection between the art and the viewer. The viewer ultimately decides what the space should hold or release. A delicate balance is in play between the outward and the inward, the manifest and the connotative. Today, this act of attempting to find the center space within us is similar to what others may call Ki, or Chi, or Nirvana, or Peace

My work is neither predictable nor perfect, a sort of crudeness and elegance. I enjoy the tactile experience with materials with its ability to absorb texture and/or movement. My creative act, the connections to the materials and the connections with others that take part in my creative act, help me to understand the subtle energies that can transcend to other relational forces. These forces share our desire for relationship and collaboration.

Voices of Nature

Wall    Vivid Jewel #2  Vivid Jewel #1

Make Way for New Life 1_Kelly_Mansfield   Pulsating Life_Kelly_Mansfield   Make Way for New Life 2_Kelly_Mansfield


A Dialogue with Possibility

IMG_2901  play with sculpture

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