Kelly Clements

A Brief Introduction to my work

I am a ceramicist making objects that pull conceptually between art-historical debates over the value of kitsch, concepts of femininity, and my childhood experiences with pop culture as a surrogate caretaker. I use the language of lowbrow media to deconstruct concepts of femininity, public self, and personal boundaries, as filtered through the lens of my personal history. The subtext of social contracts and the hierarchical nature defining social appropriateness inform my work through references to mass-produced decorative objects and “junk media.” These components reflect an interest in the ephemerality of perceived value and my own uneasiness with the manifest aspects of traditional feminine performance as a commodity. The medium of clay allows me to animate ideas and images from throwaway media into something tangible, and subvert the lowbrow label to create a new context in which to examine attachments to media and the pressure of conformity.

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An exciting Denver co-op that accepts new members on a monthly basis. This co-op is driven and operated by all the artists members. We are all strong and committed artists, that continually push all the artists in this co-op to move in new directions and participate as a cohesive group at all times.

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