When I have artist’s block I will take a couple days to take a trip alone into the woods and get my inspiration from nature.You’d be amazed what I think of from being alone with just my thoughts and the trees. On my last adventure I thought of my series “Bloom”. I drew people stripped nude with roses for heads, showing how beautiful it is when someone shows their true self.Most of my artwork uses roses for different kinds of symbolism, but they all represent the beginning and continuation of me making my dream come true to be an artist. I was alway told that being an artist wasn’t a reasonable career choice but for the past three years I didn’t care. I found that if i’m willing to take this long, tedious rollercoaster to follow my dreams they would eventually come true. Since I knew this journey was going to be long I wanted to mix it up so I did Pointillism, Water Color, Digital Painting, and Acrylic and I’m still pushing myself to be comfortable with different mediums. Here I am two years later making it happen.

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An exciting Denver co-op that accepts new members on a monthly basis. This co-op is driven and operated by all the artists members. We are all strong and committed artists, that continually push all the artists in this co-op to move in new directions and participate as a cohesive group at all times.

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