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Painting and sculpture combined is an Experience you should see! Michelle’s most recent work as seen below was entitled Experiences. She has been combining painting a sculpture for a couple of years and always includes her experiences of life and her surroundings.

D.B. Michelle’s work has evolved into an exploration of combining painting and sculpture. In this work she has reduced her usual high definition of color to the minimal. She wants the viewer to experience all that she has in life. To include, joy and pain, rich and poor, and balance and uncertainty.

She has found the histories of Fauvism and the German Expressionist to be useful in her choice of palette and expression. Painting on panel has given her the opportunity to explore with new textures be it 3D or 2D. D.B. Michelle feels that expression of color inspires us all, but when minimizing the color or line she creates an openness for a viewer.

michelle_2 michelle_3 michelle_1
Great Sand Dunes 5 all inside view Great Sand Dunes 5 all back view Great Sand Dunes 3 inside view
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