cedric-chambers_Self-portrait_oil-on-canvas_24x24 (1)I’m an oil painter who focuses on the process of creating my work rather than attempting to achieve some sort of otherness. I follow the Metamodern philosophy of Stuckism and the artist Billy Childish. Childish is a prolific Stuckist who is a radical traditional painter who believes that “tradition is the platform of freedom” versus the trend based works seeking approval.[1] “The Stuckist gives up the laborious task of playing games of novelty, try shock and gimmick. The Stuckist neither looks backwards nor forwards but is engaged with the study of the human condition. The Stuckists champion process over cleverness, realism over abstraction, humour over wittiness and painting over smugness.’[2] My artwork is reflective of this viewpoint.


I create each panel by hand so I might have the perfect substrate to paint on. I limit my paintings to my own photographs. Often my photographs are taken during paid events. The photographic basis for “Autumn O.” was taken at a Halloween party, “Stuart G.” was taken during a film project. Sometimes I work with other artists. The photograph used for “Maya G.” was created with the help of a makeup artist, a model, and another photographer. The photographer Malea Dew created the hat with the ship on her head. I went to the local costume shop disguises and rented a colonial looking outfit. My artwork emerges out of coincidence and collaboration. It is created by emphasizing the technical aspects of painting rather than embedding relevant content. I enjoy engrossing myself purely in the techniques of painting without the burden of personal subjective infusion.


Metamodernism exists ‘far beyond homage, toward a re-engagement with modernist method in order to address subject matter well outside the range or interest of the modernists themselves.’[3] I believe that art should offer a viewer’s subjective experience where they can interpret the motifs in my artwork and hopefully appreciate the technical execution that went into its creation. No gimmicks, just great art.

Cedric-Chambers_Paper-Birds_Oil-on-canvas_40x40_2015 (2) Cedric-Chambers_Origami-Birds_Oil-on-canvas_36x36_2015 (2)cedric-chambers_Self-portrait_oil-on-canvas_24x24 (1)Cedric-Chambers_Autumn-O_Oil-on-Canvas_24x24_2014 (1) Cedric-Chambers_Kiersten-Clowes_oil-on-canvas_24x36_2015 (1) Cedric-Chambers_Maya-Gelerter_oil-on-canvas_24x36_2015 (1)


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